Mural Paintings

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Mural Painting in front of Djounmanza, Bamako, Mali – own domicile, 2022


All artworks presented here are original uniques, signed and dated by the artist.
© 1980 – 2016: All pictures and photos on this site are copyrighted by Christof Wackernagel.

Mural Painting in Bochum, Germany – public order, 2001

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Mural Painting in Dortmund, Germany – private order, 2003

Mural Painting in front of Hippodrome, Bamako, Mali – private order, 2004, now painted over

Mural Painting in front of Racel, Bamako, Mali – own domicile, 2013/14

1. Emblem of Mali

2. Drafts

3. Complete House


Terrace in Bamako – private order, acrylc on wallpaint, 2011



A frieze on a wall, indoor, Munich, Germany – private order, acrylic on wallpaint, 2016



Wall 1

160 x 120 cm, acrylics on wall color, 2004