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Spiegel, Issue 27,1999   ⇒PDF




Christof Wackernagel, the actor has painted three very abstract holy kings, which are so good that I would I hang them in the kitchen.
Christine Westermann

Christof Wackernagel´s symbols  represent in their entirety nothing less than an interactive universal communication system paramounting all languages.
Claudia Tarabay

Christof Wackernagel presents contemporary idiosyncratic pictures which are exciting and hidden like hieroglyphics with his paintings. The set of geometrically ordered series of abstract figures on each sheet are reminiscent of characters that are needed to read and decipher them and act in their composition as coded stories. They serve as a stimulus for free association to the viewer to puzzle and unravel .
Ulrich Fischer

It not only leaps to the eye –  even the thoughts leap
Prof. Günter nail – head of the Bavarian Survey Office

The character images can not be dealt with without imagination but also not without humor and  reflective thought. You can try to put together the character images as a rebus, to read them like a cryptogram, to form the marks like the letters to a word or the words into a sentence or sentences into a picture. It is also conceivable to take the symbols of an image for oneself giving some meaning and others only beauty.
Dirk from Kügelen

state mark
Eberhard Jost

New traditions based on pushing a combination of classical modernism, avant-garde and contemporary art for the masses: Modern goes Pop Art !
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